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    test post 

    This is just a test. Nothing to see here.

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    Originally posted on ReStreaming:

    As I’ve explained a few days ago Voranc Kutnik invited me to be a speaker at Agile Slovenia 2012. After a bit of pondering I’ve decided for a talk with a rather provocative title “Programming, Motherfucker” and the following description:

    There is a new movement among programmers called Programming, Motherfucker that rejects XP, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, and, as they put it, “anything else getting in the way of…Programming, Motherfucker.” Since Agile was originally developed by programmers, for programmers, it obviously doesn’t deliver on that promise for at least some programmers. In this talk I’ll discuss some of frustration that programmers have with agile and how could they be remedied.

    You’d help me a lot in preparation for this talk, if you’d share with me your frustrations with agile. I have some issues with agile myself, and I’ve seen quite some programmers hating it, but I’m sure there are aspects…

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    A bug 



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    Originally posted on ReStreaming:

    For the past several days our blog induction service did not function properly. BlogSpire relies on accessing our index to retrieve all the news articles and blog posts of the past 24 hours. But in recent days index was returning response that was cut at some arbitrary point with no exceptions being thrown anywhere. Since we did some upgrades of our index just before this had started to happen, our first inclination was to revert to the previous version of the index. At first it seemed that this solved the problem but by the next morning errors in fetching articles from the index had started to pile again. I strongly suspected problems at the network level, but our Ops people could not find anything suspicious there. Just about that time we excluded the index server that was serving BlogSpire requests from the production cluster and the problems were gone immediately…

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    Printed short skirt

    Printed short skirt (Image credit: Paul Smith)

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    Burning Down the Sprint 

    Originally posted on ReStreaming:

    This is the burndown chart of our latest sprint that ended yesterday. Burndown chart is an agile technique for focusing team on delivering results requested by the product owner. It measures the amount of work still left to do in a sprint. Contrary to the most types of charts, it is good if the line on this chart goes down. A coworker of mine remarked, “when the burndown chart goes down, the sales chart goes up!” This sprint was the most successful sprint (measured by amount of story points completed) in a year and a half since we have introduced scrum at Zemanta. We still didn’t finish all the stories, but we came pretty close this time. Big kudos to the team and the product owners for all the hard work that was needed in order to accomplish this!

    Burndown charts have one big pitfall. By pushing people to…

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    Originally posted on ReStreaming:

    On Saturday the 1st Slovenian CoderDojo took place at Zemanta. The event surpassed everybody’s expectations. Let the photos tell the story.

    Založba Pasadena gave away two books about Scratch  by mrs. Sonja Lajovic. We congratulate lucky winners!

    Thanks to all the kids for participating at the event. I hope you’ve had fun and that you’ve learned something new.

    Kudos to Borut, Danijel, Erik, Marko, Borut, Peter, and Andrej for mentoring kids and to Blaž and Jernej for helping organizing the event. I hope that enthusiasm present on Saturday will result in regular CoderDojos in the fall. You’re welcome to join the CoderDojo movement, too!

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    How to keep writing when the well is dry 


    How to keep writing when the well is dry

    From my mailbox: I read your emails and your piece in the Business Record. I think a gal here at my company might have heard you speak at the NAWBO Conference last year (does this sound right?) Anyway…

    We need this to understand how you use our service - you can take it out if you like. Cheers, your Blogspire team.

    via: http://www.drewsmarketingminute.com


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    Originally posted on Steve Blank:

    Inc. magazine is publishing a 12-part series of excerpts from The Startup Owner’s Manual, the new step-by-step “how to” guide for startups. The excerpts, which appeared first at Inc.com, highlight the Customer Development process, best practices, tips and instructions contained in our book.  Feedback from my readers suggested you’d appreciate seeing the series posted here, as well.


    Whether your venture is a new pizza parlor or the hottest new software product, beware: These nine flawed assumptions are toxic.

    1. Assuming you know what the customer wants

    First and deadliest of all is a founder’s unwavering belief that he or she understands who the customers will be, what they need, and how to sell it to them. Any dispassionate observer would recognize that on Day One, a start-up has no customers, and unless the founder is a true domain expert, he or she can only guess about the customer, problem…

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    Dušan, did I see this book in the office at one time or another?

    Originally posted on ReStreaming:

    First, Break All the RulesI’m not a big fan of books on management. Most of them look just like cooking books to me, which means they are useless unless your are a good cook already. Additionally, I prefer theories based on solid data and I’m generally very skeptical about preaching of “gurus” of any kind and in particular of management kind. Consequently, when Gorazd Golob lay down on my desk the book “First, Break All the Rules” I was very skeptical about it. But Gorazd insisted that I should read it and I’m still grateful to him for his insistence.

    The  book “First Break All the Rules” is based on a comprehensive research study conducted by Gallup Organization over a span of twenty-five years. In this study, Gallup Organization interviewed over 80.000 managers at 400 different organizations in order to establish what is defining trait of successful managers. After thoroughly analyzing the data they have come…

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